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The Port of Koper is a reliable and experienced global logistic solutions business, operating to and from the very heart of Europe and catering to all markets and customers at the highest standards. However, on the other hand, there is a strong awareness that (especially the local) society might wrongly perceive that the side effects brought into the local natural and social environment are neither few nor positive.

Client: Port of Koper
Product: The Port’s sustainability website – Livign with the port
Publish date: 2019
Web address:

Being the only Slovenian port puts more pressure and undeniably focus on the operating protocols within the company. That is why the Port of Koper is committed to sustainable development, taking the local society, natural environment and the company’s employees as a priority. The web info portal we have created plays a key role in this commitment.

The main goal when coming up with the solution was to convince the local sceptics that the port is not the enemy, while also building and enforcing the vision of sustainability and creating a space online for the communication between key stakeholders to flow both ways.

Business goals

  • Convincing the local sceptics that the port is not an enemy to be.
  • Entice those sceptics to visit the port’s open day event.
  • Offer the option to visit the port to schools and pre-schools in order to educate and raise awareness among the youngest population.
  • Introduce the ports’ activities to a wider audience.
  • Show the active role the port takes in the local social environment (through sponsorships, events, …).


Through thorough analysis the list of previously known stakeholders (the local population, different associations and visitors) has gained another addition: elementary school teachers. While often overlooked, they can significantly add to the positive perception of the port’s activities through education.

One of the most important user goals, on the other hand, was defined to be the ability to apply to attend the ports’ open day, the option to view the environmental impact of the port in real-time and the possibility to view and apply the port’s funding and sponsorships options.


  • Analysis
  • UX planning
  • GUI design
  • Content design and optimization
  • Back-end programming
  • API integration
  • Front-end programiranje

Solution and result

The Port of Koper’s sustainability portal has noted an increase of open day visitors’ applications within the first 6 months online (and in comparison to the previous year’s application trends). Also, in comparison to the prior year the negative comments about the port’s work and environmental impact were notably fewer. The raise of pre-school and school visits was that of a quarter. The understandable and transparent presentation available on all kinds of media (computers, tablets and mobile devices) have made the ports’ communication friendlier and more approachable even to the most critical viewers.


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