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Arriva, the largest bus carrier in Slovenia, want to become the first choice for travellers through its reliability and with improving the passengers’ travel options with a range of services that go to exceed expectation. A large share of the market is reached also through its tourism options which wholly caters to all travellers’ needs.

Client: Arriva Group Slovenia
Product: Arriva website
Publish date: 2019
Web address:

Pursuing the goal of re-routing as much of the business from phone calls centres onto the web was key when approaching this project with our partner. The option to view and look up specific time-tables and get travel information online was paramount in this sense. Emphasizing the option to rent busses for occasional services was also one of the primary goals to be kept in mind.

Business goals

  • Increasing online time table searching
  • Reducing the number oh phone calls to the call
  • Occasional service rental
  • Repairs service
  • Bus advertising space sales
  • Tour sales
  • Brand building


In the analytical phase we have noted an important indicator of the direction to be taken when developing a new website. The number of mobile device users (phones and tablets) is significantly higher than of those using computers. The ratio between both user groups was almost 80:20 in favour of the former.

Still, with the awareness that an important portion of regular customers are seniors (60+ years), we have established a test group to go through a variety of scenarios that would create a pleasant and easy user experience with this particular group in mind. The result and solution were notably positive, since the number of this senior group of users has also increased with the new website.


  • Analysis
  • User testing
  • UX design
  • GUI design
  • Content design and optimization
  • Back-end programming
  • API integration
  • Front-end programming

Solution and result

While the number of calls into the call centre has indeed increased giving way to online timetable searches, an important result is the increase of senior users on the website, visiting the website from their mobile decives.


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